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Divorce & Child Custody Services in Baltimore, MD

Receive family law and divorce services from the professional, George E. Golomb Attorney At Law in Baltimore, Maryland. To prospective clients with family law disputes including divorce:
Divorce — Divorce services in Baltimore, MD
Divorce and other family law disputes are among the most difficult personal crises that can be faced. When faced with such crises, you should have an attorney who has knowledge of the law, knows many of the Judges and Masters in various courts in Maryland who are likely to hear your case, and is strong. You should have an attorney who:
Knows how to try a case in the event that no settlement can be reached;
Knows the value of reaching a reasonable settlement in order to try to save the client legal fees and unnecessary hardship where this is possible;
Cares deeply about the welfare of clients;
Charges reasonable attorney's fees;
Is familiar with the mediation process as a way of settling cases;
Is strong enough to stand up to the opposing party if the opposing party insists on being unreasonable;
Tries to get help for his clients in a reasonable way;
Uses common sense in practicing law.


Child Custody

Parents fighting over child — Divorce services in Baltimore, MD
Rest at ease knowing you have an experienced attorney that will walk you through the process of child custody. Divorce and child custody are emotionally draining for both the parents and the child. But we work hard for your rights as a parent and to give your children the quality of life that they deserve so that they can live in a conflict free environment. Children should not suffer the consequences of a divorce, that's why we ensure that custody is awarded according to the best interest of the children. Whether you are seeking sole custody or joint custody, Mr. Golomb will give you the personal attention you need.

Mr. Golomb has been selected by Presidents of the Maryland State Bar Association to be Chairman of the Continuing Legal Education Committee of the Maryland State Bar Association for three years in a row. He also lectures to other lawyers on legal topics.

Contact Mr. Golomb in Baltimore, Maryland to receive his highly professional divorce services and family law work.