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Employment Law in Baltimore, Maryland

Get the answers you need to all your employment law questions from George E. Golomb Attorney At Law in Baltimore, Maryland. It's important to have someone on your side that's knowledgeable about this industry.

To clients with employment law issues

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George E. Golomb has many years of experience handling a wide variety of employment law problems. Lawyers throughout Maryland have referred their clients to Mr. Golomb for years to help with their clients' employment law issues. Mr. Golomb lectures on employment law issues. For example, he lectured to other attorneys on employee law issues at the Annual Meeting of the Maryland State Bar Association in June of 2005.

Through the years, hundreds of clients have contacted Mr. Golomb on their own for help with employment law issues. No referral from another attorney is required to contact Mr. Golomb for help. Each and every contact from a prospective client with an employment law issue is welcomed.

Mr. Golomb often gives free telephone consultations for relatively simple matters which can be dealt with in a very brief telephone conversation. Mr. Golomb will normally want the client to come in to see him in person where there are more complex or factually detailed matters, or where one or more documents must be reviewed.

Mr. Golomb welcomes the opportunity to provide counseling both to employees and management. His employment law work includes the following:
Counseling clients about their rights under state and federal law;
Representing clients in negotiations with present and former employers, and with present and former employees;
Representing clients in city, county, state, and federal administrative hearings;
Representing clients in trials and appeals.
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Mr. Golomb has experience representing employees in the private sector, federal employees, and city and county employees. In representing such employees, he is conscious of the fact that some are facing a financial crisis. As a result, he makes an effort to provide cost effective representation. Mr. Golomb represents management as well. Whether representing management or an employee, he endeavors to provide quality legal services with reasonable legal fees.

Contact Mr. Golomb in Baltimore, Maryland to find out more about his employment law services.